Tree Surgery

Our tree surgery includes crown reduction to remove dead branches that may become a hazard to the tree and the area below, live branches for much the same reason, in some cases to encourage new growth and in other cases to inhibit growth all the way up to felling large troublesome trees.

FHC Arboriculture's tree surgeons are experienced climbers ready to tackle any tree that may need attention.


Topiary has been used for centuries all over Europe to architecturally transform gardens large or small. Topiary is good not only for its aesthetic qualities but for the health aspects of the shrubbery.

The shrubs and sub-shrubs used in topiary are evergreen, have small leaves or needles, produce dense foliage, and have compact and/or columnar growth habits that require regular attention to maintain shape and order.

Hedge Maintenance

As well as defining boundaries and being a feature, hedges provide privacy and shelter. Hedging is planted at high densities and so plants compete with each other from an early age.

As a result of this, a professional maintenance service is essential for the success and longevity of your hedges. Please view our gallery page for examples of work in this area.

Stump Grinding

The main advantage to stump grinding over stump removal is it's impact on the surrounding area. Leaving an absolute minimum area to replace with topsoil or replant this is the preferred method in many cases.

The usual removal level is about 6 to 18 inches below ground level using a cutter wheel with fixed carbide teeth to literally "eat" the stump. FHC are always happy to advise you on your best course of action.

Land Clearance

The preparation of a site before reconstruction usually involves the removal of waste and unwanted plants. If you have an area that needs clearing of trees & shrubbery for development, FHC have the facility and skill to carry out this service in a professional and clinical manner.

We can offer a complete package, from chip and recycle to the bulk removal of materials off site leaving your area ready for it's next phase.

Emergency Call Out

Nature is unpredictable as we have all found out in recent months. If one of your trees unexpectedly falls or becomes unstable and you find yourself in the need of emergency tree services FHC Arboriculture are there to help.

Although priority in times of a high density of calls is given to existing clients, we are there to respond to any caller in need.

Logs & Wood Chunks

If you need logs for you home fire or log burner, just let FHC know and we will supply and deliver in 300 batches. All hardwood logs of varying sizes.

Wood chunks for smoking meat or fish are also available. Apple, Pear, Cherry, English Oak, Red Oak, Beech, Hornbeam & Cedar in stock.

Give us a call today to order.

Swedish Lanterns

Makes a great centrepiece for any social gathering! It's made from a hard wood that's been dried for a longer burn time.

Eco friendly with no chemicals just pure wood. Can be used indoors in your fireplace or wood burner and outside in your fire pit, or just on the ground.

Give us a call today to order.

Felled Furniture

Bespoke Felled Furniture offer pieces of unique furniture, crafted by us from some wonderful specimens of English and Red Oak, Cedar, Beech, Douglas Fir and even Giant and Coastal Redwood.

Contact Gary and his team today to discuss your piece and let them create something beautiful and sustainable for you...a story and a product with roots!

Click to visit the Felled Furniture site


FHC are pleased to offer all aspects of fencing work, both domestic & commercial projects undertaken.

Please call for more details.